3 Skills Every FX Artist Needs!

Its no mystery that creating captivating effects is an extremely technical role. It requires complex problem solving and a studious lifestyle. An effects artist requires a lot of skills but here are 3 skills you should have in your arsenal.


Ever wonder how ILM creates the magical explosions, dust, and volumetric? What makes there system tick? Plume. ILM has always been, what I consider, the embodiment of what FX is, the combination of art, technology, and passion. Plume is proof that when Engineers and Artists get together they can create some amazing works and why I believe studios and artist should look to the RND Teams to create the tools they need/want.

Quick Tip #3: Houdini | Efficent Debris Stamping

Creating Debris is an essential part of being an Houdini Artist. Learn to create efficient debris simulations in this weeks quick tip for Houdini! We will explore three method to instancing and stamping debris geometry onto our particle sims! We will use some simple expressions and little bit of Pack Primitives to improve the performance of copying our debris to our particles.

QUICK TIP #2: NUKE | Automatic Render Directories

Sometimes we just do not have time to create our directories and having nuke error on the farm or when rendering locally can be a real headache. Todays Tip is about Creating Automatic Directories in Nuke using Python. We setup a environment where the write path is create automatically at render time! This is designed to work locally or on a server farm!