Quick Tip #4: Nuke | Power of Position Maps


Position Maps are a powerful tool when used with a bit of knowledge. They can be used to generate mattes, relight scenes and so much more. I spent the week or so developing a tool of our team at the BYC Collective. Its not a original tool idea but I have yet to see anyone implement it using Blink Kernels! The tools is unlocked and free for you to use and see how it was created! 


Position Maps in General

When we talk about positions maps we are talking about an image that represents the space values. This means, per pixel, the values you see are values that existed in the scene inside the 3D Package. This is a powerful tool are it can be used to create haze, spot lights, relight a scene and attain mattes that would sometimes be a pain to key out or roto when the lighting dept. doesn't give you the mattes! In the file I included some things to try with them! I will be posting more cool stuff with position maps in the future but for now I wanted to give you a tool to start utilizing them today!

If you were curious about the Rendered Scene, it is one of the old CG Light Challenges! Check them out here!