Digital Terrains Maps for your next Martian Surface

For those of you who don't know DTMs ( Digital Terrain Maps ) can be used in applications ( like Houdini or Maya ) to create realistic terrain deformation! These become a very powerful tool for creating quick organic terrain on the fly!

NASA  provides us with so much data about our local group that we can leverage that in our artistic endeavors. NASA loves terrain mapping and recently I discovered that they have mapped Mars' landscape using stereo images and creating depth maps from them! The University of Arizona uses this data to create the maps from the HiRise Camera Orbiting mars!  You can read about the technical process from this Thesis 

Here is the Link to the DTMs,

Use these in your CG Application! If you want an example of how to use them or if you would like a more interesting explanation of how to generate these images yourself hit us up on twitter