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New Years Update

New Years Update

Photo by moodboard/moodboard / Getty Images
Photo by moodboard/moodboard / Getty Images

2015 was a great year. Tons of learning, growing, and discovering. It was also a year of change and re-focus. For 2016, I have set out some goals for 2016 that I look forward to achieving with everybody! 

New Quick Tips: 

2015 was the beginning of this concept for me at FXMind. In 2016, I will be releasing more Quick Tips for you! These will include tips for Artists and TD about things like Deep Pixel Images, Digital Assets, Advancing Workflows, and Cool Small projects.

Tutorials that matter:

Learning VFX and Programming has very much become a tutorial based community. Videos, books, and blogs have changed the way we learning. FXMind is striving to bring a new age to the simplistic format of tutorials by teaching you things that matter. I will be creating ( am creating) new tutorials that talk about new topics that are not commonly covered like,

  • Deep Pixel Images
  • Online Rendering and Storage
  • FX Essentials Workshops
  • Software Python APIs
  • Pipeline Development

MyFX Suite:

Photo by denphumi/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by denphumi/iStock / Getty Images

I long have believed that the future of the film, game, and tv industry lies with independent artists and our abilities to connect and work together. Unfortunately, connecting and working with artists across cords, borders, and continents has not be developed. Last year we began prototyping a Suite of software and online applications that will allow artists from around the world to work together easily without the need for advance knowledge in programming and development. This project will include tools for:

  • Asset Management
  • Disk Management 
  • File Transfers
  • Application Assisting Tools
  • Pathing and File creation tools
  • Sharing and Connecting with other artists

I look forward to keeping you updated on the progress. I have dropped most of my other projects in pursuit of this objective since October. This makes updating the blog and website difficult but I will be maintaining regular updates are I go forward with the development and design.

Thanks for a great 2015 and look forward to bringing you great content in 2016!

Lawrence of Arabia in 4k Stills

Lawrence of Arabia in 4k Stills

Render Power for the Independent Artist

Render Power for the Independent Artist