Shared: A Story about Scaling with Django

Found this the other evening when looking into some good practices for deploying django base applications. I loved the way this guy explained how you can scale with Django. 

This is a collection of best practices I have learned while creating one of Europe's biggest biking and hiking routes website. The whole software stack of a Django project is covered from the frontend to the database and everything in between or besides.

After Thoughts: I really enjoy Django as a framework. I find it batteries included style to be really useful for getting a prototype out. That said one of the areas that always seems to give me a headache is deployment. Django is so open that deploying it is somewhat of a pain. I have also found that doing integration tests with the Django Rest Framework can be clunky. All in all if you don't know Django and you are a pure Pipeline TD or FX TD I wouldn't fret about knowing it but I have found it enlighting to certain possbilities.